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abc LMS Locomotives, Complete List of all LMS Engines in Service in 1943, Softback book/booklet, Wartime issue

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abc LMS Locomotives

Complete List of all LMS Engines in Service in 1943

Published by Ian Allan

52 pages


From the first page:

"For a long time there has been a great demand for an accurate and up-to-date list of the locomotives employed on Britain's largest railway - the London, Midland and Scottish; and with the kind assistance of the Company, who have checked the lists and supplied the photographs and diagrams reproduced herein, we are now able to present this 'ABC of LMS Locomotives'.

The locomotive numbers have been arranged in numerical order, with dimensions shown at the head of each class.  There is no definite way of distinguishing class from class on the LMS except for a system of power classification.   Each batch of locos (with a few exceptions) is given a number followed by the letter 'P' for passenger, or 'F' for freight.  The number denotes the haulage capacity of the loco with 0, the lowest, and 8, the highest, so that the smallest freight engine is classified '0F' and the most powerful passenger '7P', and so on.

The building dates shown throughout the book (unless otherwise stated) apply to the date that the first locomotive of the class was put into service..."

I believe the date of publication was 1943.

The cover has some wear to the edges and corners, and a small crease on the top edge, the spine is uncreased.  The pages are all firmly held together with the original staples.  The cover has been pulled away from the pages where it was stuck (please see photos).  The pages are clean and free from annotation.

The book/booklet measures approx 11 cm x 16 cm.

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Condition New