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Atlas Handicrafts, Raffene, Booklet No. 60, 1950s

This is Atlas Handicrafts booklet No. 60 which I think dates to the 1950s.

From the introduction:

"Resembling raffia in the purposes for which it may be used Raffene has the advantage of being produced in a continuous length in a variety of bright colours both plain and lustre, and in a uniform width of 3/4" when fully extended.  It is also clean to use and pleasant to handle.

Used on Raffene vancas - a special canvas with doubel crossing-threads and approximately 1/8" square holes - gay and serviceable household and personal articles can be made.

The rather open mesh of the canvas makes an interesting background and forms an integral part of the designs used.  It also makes for quick working and the economical use of Raffene..."

Contains general instructions, and instructions for making:

shopping bag

summer handbag


tea cosy

waste paper basket

Condition is good, with some wear to edges and corners.  Minor creasing from handling.  Staples are clean and firm.
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Condition New