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Jorgen Jensen Pewter Pendant, Piet Hein, Denmark


This is a large pewter pendant by Jorgen Jensen, and probably dates to the 1960s.

A lovely design on the front and one of Piet Hein's Grooks:

"Man's a kind
of Missing Link
Fondly thinking
he can think."

Piet Hein started to write small poems in the Danish newspaper Politiken in the 1930s, his style grew in the 1940s and became known as Grooks. It can be said that he wrote what anyone could think - they were little observations on life but with new perspectives.

This particular Grook has been taken by Jorgen Jensen as a design for a pendant, it is fully marked to the reverse side:

Jorgen Jensen
Piet Hein

The pendant has its original stainless steel chain, which slips over the head, and has no catch.

The pendant has gained a patina, as pewter does, and I will leave it up to the buyer whether they polish it or not. No major dings or scratches.

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Condition New